Gentlemans Guide

Guide to purchasing  Lingerie for The One
Noone knows her better than you, noone appreciates her better than you. However you are confused about how to get her lingerie as a present? 
You would know what would look best on her but you can not be sure what she will be most comfortable in? 
You are in the right spot .. 
First things first, her breasts,  the sneakiest part, wink wink. 
If she has firm and round breasts, we would definitely recommend our Lace Allure lace bra. It is also see through, which will make her feel sexy as well as romantic with the touch of skin showing through. 
If she likes to have more cleavage shown, give  Once upon a Time İn istabul collection push up bra a chance, It will "push-up" so well that she will feel she has two mountains up there, round and super sexy. 
If she is more confident about her shoulders, Lace Allure full bra will be the perfect fit for her, as the straps are removable.